Residential Training

We now offer a basic training course here at Posh Paws for your doggy pal. Although we call it a basic training course it might be better described as a Basic Respect Course.

If you send your dog to us we will teach them how to respond not only to a range of commands, but also how to respect your position as leader of his or her pack as well as how to be a polite member of society. In the course we cover the aspects of walking nicely whilst on the lead, Sitting on voice or hand signal, going down on voice or hand signal how to stay in a position wether in a field or the back of your car and how to return when called by voice or whistle.

Once trained you can really begin to experience the joy of being with your dog free from a lot of the every day hassle's that I see so many owners struggling with. Training takes from 3 to 6 weeks (depending on the ability of your dog to pick up the material) and the cost is very simple to understand. Simply choose the type of room you wish your dog to stay in whilst here and then our normal boarding costs will apply. In addition a training fee of £100 per week is charged (7 Days) or £15 per day, so it couldn't be simpler. Or alternatively you may opt to have your dog trained in smaller periods as they come to stay for their holidays. If you want to give us a ring to discuss your requirements please feel free or e-mail us for that matter. If you have other behavioral problems which you don't know how to handle contact us to discuss them.... We May Be Able To Help!

Ice... One Of Our Students
Duke... The Dog Hater

Gracie... Who Doesn't Like Anything Much.