Customer's Comments

Our Customer Marina Gough Had This To Say:

120% Pleased With The Overall Experience

“ With a great deal of trepidation I left my 2 young toy poodles at Posh Paws animal hotel for their first experience of both kennels and being away from me. I was totally reassured on my preliminary visit by the professional and caring attitude of the owners. I was delighted with the cleanliness of the rooms, and loved the choice of a standard or deluxe room for my girls.

Whilst Poppy and Susie were at the hotel I phoned every day to get an update. I was very pleased at the well balanced information I received. I knew it to be a truthful reflection when the owner told me that Poppy was not quite as settled as Susie as this was very much what I expected. Furthermore, the owner let me know that both dogs had taken some persuading to eat their food over the first couple of days, but that he would be preparing them a special meal to tempt them on the evening of the second day.

One of the most attractive features of the entire experience is the way in which they owners spend time getting to know the dogs in their care, and the time they spend with them just playing and giving them some human company. They returned to me in an excellent state. They were in excellent health and their coats were clean and groomed. Poppy and Susie were naturally very pleased to see me, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly they settled back into their normal routines.

I will definitely be using Posh Paws again, and unreservedly recommend it to other pet owners who want their dogs to have a home from home experience. I am confident that my pets are safe, secure, well cared for and happy whilst staying at Posh Paws.

I honestly never thought I would find kennels that would meet my expectations for Poppy and Susie. PS the only slight negatvie is the tight hours for dopping off and picking up pets - however I can't complain as this strict regime is one of the reasons the environment is so quiet for the animal guests. ”

Our Customers Jim & Dee Inger Had This To Say:

A HUGE!!! Thank-you for your excellent care of our dog Ruby, Top Class as Usual.

Also to say how much you have achieved in her two weeks "Boot Camp" has been incredible. The change in her is unbelievable! She's a lot calmer, and  walks lovely. She still has her moments, but then she's still young. We would Definitely Recommend this basic respect course to any head strong dog.

Thanks so much, Dee and Jim Inger.

Our Customer Tina Hutchins Had This To Say:

This is the Best Pet Hotel in the Newark Area. They always put our furry friends first and it puts your mind at ease knowing, you can leave your
best friend in their care.

Even though I hate leaving Muttley, I know he could not be in a better place and that he loves staying with you both. I will not leave him anywhere else.
Thank-you, Tina.

Our Customer Karen Deverill Had This To Say:

I've Just collected "Dot" from a week at Posh Paws &, again, she's settled back into home-life straight away
. She's a sensitive dog & had a bad experience at another kennel several years ago which greatly affected her behavior. I looked at more than 10 other kennels before finding somewhere I actually trusted that the proprietors would stick to her usual routine & provide the level of care that I wanted.

We've used Posh Paws 3 - 4 times a year for the last 5 years. Neil & Deb spend a lot of time with their residents & get to know them & gain their trust - Dot (who can be anxious with strangers, particularly men) adores them both! The number of residents at any one time is lower than at any other boarding kennels I've visited, which means Neil & Deb can do all the work. This is important to me as I want to know exactly who's looking after Dot & want her to have the consistency of the same people around her. Nothing I've requested has ever been a problem for them, this includes giving medications & feeding 4 times daily. The luxury kennels are great - spacious, always warm inside with access to outdoor space, background sounds are similar to those at home (TV/radio) & solid doors so no stressful "running the gauntlet" past other dogs to get in to their own kennel.

I love the 1 hour slots in the morning & afternoon for dropping off/collection & the way that the kennels are oriented so that residents don't see other dogs arriving/leaving. I've visited kennels where there is constant coming & going of dogs & owners which creates an unsettled (& barky!) environment. There's hardly any barking when I've visited Posh Paws.

People who know me are surprised that I'm happy to leave Dot in the care of anyone else & it's true to say that I wouldn't go on any holiday without her if I was in the slightest bit worried about what was happening with her while we weren't there. When she's at Posh Paws with Neil & Deb I trust that she is in very experienced, safe & caring hands.