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Cat Luxury BoardingThe Facts

Our Newly built Luxury Cattery benefits from the latest advances in technology. Constructed in double skinned insulated PVC with double glazed doors & windows, your cat will be kept warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Two Tier Chalets

Built with two floors in the living area each cabin is independently heated with an exercise patio and toys to play with. TV playing in the communal area and lots of love and cuddles will keep your furry friend happy until your return.

Allround Visibility

Our Cattery building was specially modified so that our feline guests can see right through from one side to the other. In addition the living quarters have a viewing window also, providing plenty of spots to watch the world go by.

Trout tickling classes start at 12.30 prompt...

Trout Tickling by The Lake
12 Noon

Some of our Cats

Our Pet Hotel offers superb Luxury Boarding for your cat in a location well removed from our doggy boarders so the cats will never be aware of their presence, providing a completely calm and tranquil environment for them to enjoy themselves.

Your Feline Friends Will Always Come First Here at Posh Paws......